Richard Alexander holds a B.S. from Cornell University, where he studied systems biology and landscape architecture. He held environmental positions in government and industry and is a Past President of the New England regional Certified Hazardous Materials Managers chapter. Richard met Michael LaFosse in 1988, and they have worked together to advance origami as a fine art. In 1996 they co-founded Origamido Studio, a teaching and resource center / art gallery for their handmade papers and folded paper art. Richard’s background in industrial training made it easy for him to become a seasoned teacher of origami and hand papermaking. Together, Michael and Richard have authored over 70 books, kits, and video publications about their origami designs and hand papermaking. The Studio has produced dozens of commercial installations and exhibitions, as well as a family attraction in Hawai’i, the “Origami Do Experience-Waikiki,”. During the summer they host hand papermaking workshops in Massachusetts and collaborate with other artists.

They continue to make their custom, archival Origamido® papers for each creation and their works have graced museums worldwide. LaFosse and Alexander’s bronze sculpture collaborations with Kevin Box Studios of Cerrillos, NM are currently touring as exhibitions called “Origami in the Garden”.